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 The authentic, traditional design of the Marley Eternit Plain tile gives it the looks
to match its outstanding versatility. The plain tile is especially suitable for details
such as dormers, eyebrows and conical roofs as well as vertical cladding. This
popular concrete plain tile comes in both smooth face and granular finishes and
the choice of 12 attractive colours. Bullnose Feature tiles are available to add
pattern and character to plain tile roofs.


Available Colours

Antique Brown


Smooth Brown

Dark Red

Old English Dark Red

Smooth Grey

Technical Data

Size of tile 267mm x 168mm
Minimum pitch * 35°
Minimum pitch * 35°
Maximum pitch 90°
Minimum headlap 65mm (roof)
  37.5mm (vertical)
Maximum gauge 100mm (roof)
  115mm (vertical)
Cover width (nominal) 168mm
Covering capacity (net) 60 tiles/m² at 100mm gauge (roof)
  53 tiles/m² at 115mm gauge (vertical)
Weight of tiling (approx) 73.8kg/m² (0.72 kN/m²) at 100mm gauge (roof)
  58kg/m² (0.57 kN/m²) at 115mm gauge (vertical)
Battens required (net) 10 lin.m/m² at 100mm gauge (roof)
  8.7 lin.m/m² at 115mm gauge (vertical)
Batten size recommended 38 x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres
Tile nails 38mm x 2.65mm

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