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To create an attractive rustic effect, the Marlden plain tile has an irregular shape
and uneven fine sand-faced surface. Used in varying colour combinations and
with optional Bullnose feature tiles, the Marlden plain tile creates a rich roof with
the character and individuality of hand-made clay tiles while retaining the
functional benefits of a concrete plain tile.


Available Colours

Antique Brown


Smooth Brown

Dark Red

Old English Dark Red

Smooth Grey

Technical Data

Size of tile 267mm x 168mm
Minimum pitch * 35°
Maximum pitch 90°
Minimum headlap 65mm (roof)
  37.5mm (vertical)
Maximum gauge 100mm (roof)
  115mm (vertical)
Cover width (nominal) 168mm
Covering capacity (net) 60 tiles/m² at 100mm gauge (roof)
  53 tiles/m² at 115mm gauge (vertical)
Weight of tiling (approx) 73.8 kg/m² (0.72 kN/m²) at 100mm gauge (roof)
  58 kg/m² (0.57 kN/m²) at 115mm gauge (vertical)
Battens required (net) 10 lin.m/m² at 100 gauge (roof)
  8.7 lin.m/m² at 115 gauge (vertical)
Batten size recommended 38 x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres
Tile nails 38mm x 2.65mm

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